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Welcome to our Hunting Tours

Our hunting tours will take you  to the Wilderness and Beauty of
the southern Ural Mountains.
Tours can be arranged for individuals travelling alone or in groups
to a maximum of 10 people, that is to maintaine our high level of
The hunting farms are situated in southern Urals, the region is
ecologically clean and has many fresh lakes and some salty
the forrest predominate in this area with 48%, lakes and marshes
36%, and fields 16%.
The landscape and the flora of this area create favourable
environment for different kinds of animals and birds, in summer
there is exellent fishing in the many lakes.
General kinds of hunting
Wild Boar
Period of hunting: 15 / 10 -- 15 / 12.
Siberian Roe.
Period of hunying: 25 / 08 -- 15 /11 ( bucks trophy shoot )
                              : 01 / 11 -- 20 / 01 ( sports hunting )
Period of hunting: 26 / 08 -- 31 / 12
Period of hunting: all the year round wthout restriction.
Moose ( Elk )
Period of hunting: 25 / 08 -- 15 / 11
Lynx Fox Ermine
Period of hunting: 15 / 10 -- 28 / 02
Racoon Hare Muskrat
Period of hunting: 01 / 10 -- 28 / 02
Black-Cock Partridge Quail
Period of hunting: 01 / 09 -- 31 / 12    15 / 04 -- 10 /05
Duck Goose
Period of hunting: 01 / 09 -- 05 / 11
Accomodations - Conditions.

On arrival at Ekaterinburg airport a representative of the firm
and an interpreter meet our guests. After passport control and
customs examination we travel to the hunting farm which is
situated 220 km from the airport.
The farm concist of log houses each with 2 double rooms, shower
and toilet, there is also a larger house with restaurant, bar,
Russian sauna and swimming-pool.
In the restaurant guests have first-class full board which includes
European and traditional Russian food.
The shooting is organized every day and accompanied by
proffesional hunters with diplomas from Chelyabinsk oblast
forrest and wildlife administration.
Recomondations and requirements.
It is important to observe SAFETY precautions and RULES of
Guests are recommended to make vaccination against tetanus,
Tourist hunter is permitted to take to Russia for hunting purposes
rifling and smoth-barrel firearms without restriction in caliber
and amount of sporting cartridges and ammunition.
Trophy export is made in accordance with international rules
and regulations of custom service.
Included in cost of tour.
All Transfers.
Full Board.
Services of Organization and Carrying out Hunting.
All Essential Licences.
Additional Charges.
Air flight to Ekaterinburg.
Trophy cost
Bar and Tips.
Loghouses exterior and interior.
Stefan o Arisha.