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A unique medical establishment with a high standard
of medical services, a wide range of advanced
sofisticated diagnostic equipment and well developed
up to date physiotherapeutic center.
Our clients enjoy comfortable accomodation, delicious food,very friendly and attentive enviroment,
recreational activities.
The guaranteed quality of all the provided services
meets the highest international standards.
One feature is its high quality natural radon springs,
which have the highest effectiviness rate in Russia.
The water of those springs has sedative, anaesthetic,
anti-inflammatory effects.
Radon baths, irrigation and micro-enemas help to cure
a lot of diseases with remarkable success here.
Local sapropel mud is another valuable property of
the resort, it is extremely rare, owing to the unique
combination of organic substances, mineral salts and
The mud is widely prescribed in the complex treatment  of diseases in spine, joints,muscles, periferal nervous system, gynecological and urological diseases.
The favourable micro-climate and flora create a group
of healing factors such as high natural ionization of the
air and high concentration of phytoncides produced
by the surrounding coniferous and deciduous forests.
Physiotherapeutic methods such as magnet-therapy,
laser-therapy, ampli-pulse and electrophoresis are
widely applied and effectively cmbined with the schemes of treatment based on natural factors.
Various methods of traditional Eastern acupuncture
as well as up-to-date methods of laseropuncture and
electropuncture are frequently practiced here.
Numerous types of massage ( classic general massage, nervepoint, segmental, gynecologic,hydro-
massage ) and manual therapy are available and often
fitted into the treatment complex.
There are also psychotherapy and mechanotherapy
rooms, the inhalation roomand phyto-bar prove to be
very popular with the patients.
There is also a perfectly equipped sportscenter
with a fittness hall, swimming pool, sauna.
The sport facilities are designed to meet all clients
requirements for physical and mental rest.
Tours to UVILDI health resort.
Transfer Airport -- Uvildi --Airport.
Accomodation First Class.
Full Board ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )
All Activietes ( Fitness centre, Sauna, Swimming-pool)
Medical treatment ( Massage, Mud, Hydro, Therapy )
Medical Examination.

Not Included.
Airflight to Ekaterinburg or Chelyabinsk.

Airflight from Scandinavia -- Russia can be supplied
by  at very reasonable rates.

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